How to Cold Smoke Using A Pellet Grill

Cold smoking in the PG500 and PG1000 is easy. We cold smoked cheese for this post, but you can cold smoke anything from salmon to nuts with adjustment to time and temperature. To cold smoke in your PG, follow these simple steps:

Set smoker to 350°F and let pre-heat.

Place a pan of ice in the warming drawer. Place a pan of cheese (we used Sharp Cheddar and Gouda) on top of the ice. We used two of Cookshack’s disposable smoker drip trays, but any shallow pan that fits in the warming drawer will work.


Smoke in warming drawer for 2 hours, let cool, slice and enjoy!


We used this smoked cheese to make grilled cheese sandwiches in one of our YouTube videos! We not only cold smoked the cheese but also smoked the bread and grilled the sandwich using one unit to show the versatility of the pellet grills!

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