Full House to Feed with the Pellet Grill

Which grill should you purchase next? Let Sean’s testimonial to help you decide!

Sean Pruitt of Colored Bean Productions in Oklahoma City recently used his pellet grill to make some great looking burgers and a few nights before, he cooked for 7 adults and 6 kids using only his PG.


“The burgers with white on top were seasoned with Cavender’s and topped with tomato and basil feta.

This was just cooking for us, but a few nights before I managed to do burgers for 7 adults, hot dogs for 6 kids, baked potatoes and corn for everyone all on the grill at once! Was always a bit concerned the pellet grill wouldn’t be big enough to cook for lots of company, but not anymore!”

Thank you for your review Sean, and we hope you continue to enjoy using your grill.

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