PG1000-Prepare For Your First Smoke

Did you just receive your PG1000 and aren’t sure what to do first?

In the following video Cookshack’s continuous improvement manager, Butch Flick, shows you how to unpack and start using your Fast Eddy’s by Cookshack PG1000.

Before you get started, you might need the following items:

                Box knife (for unpacking)

                Claw Hammer (for pallet removal)

                Foil (for easy clean up later)

                7/16 wrench (for installation of the side shelf and flue)

                Standard Phillips Screwdriver (for installation of the side shelf and flue)

This short video shows you:

  • how to properly unpack your pellet grill
  • what should come with your PG500
  • how to install your side shelf
  • how to fill your hopper
  • how to season your pellet grill
  • how to wrap your grill in foil for easy clean up
  • how to clean your smoker once you have used it.

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